Coffey Park Construction Cost Breakdown

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Single Family Price and Cost Breakdown

(This post was originally posted in November 2017.)

My wife and I live about five minutes from Coffey Park. If my home burnt down, I would want to know how much it would cost to rebuild.

Embedded below is a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate covering permits, site work, foundation, framing, exterior finishes, major systems, interior finishes, etc.

The ROM was created from a developer’s viewpoint so if you’re a homeowner rebuilding, just add IB and ID to get the total costs a general contractor would bid.

We chose this 1540-sq. ft. variation of Master Plan 153 because there were approx. fifty-one homes in Coffey Park that shared the same floor plan.

(The above embedded ROM was based on NAHB data and the City of Santa Rosa's Fee Schedule dated July 1, 2017.) 

Due to the limited supply of materials and labor and other factors, there will be wide price disparities from vendor-to-vendor, so consult building professionals and the City's Planning and Economic Development Department for custom quotes to determine your best approach.

Here are some of the larger local builders offering construction estimates:

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Andrew Meyer is the Owner/Managing Member of Tussock Homes. Since 2008, he has flipped 40+ homes and developed new custom homes throughout Sonoma County.

Stephanie Meyer is an interior designer. In 2008, she started in commercial interior design and has worked for clients such as Legoland. In 2017, she started Aesthete Vagabond Co. a Sonoma County-based interior design firm. She enjoys working with fire rebuild clients.